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Empowering the Healthcare Community with Groundbreaking Advances in Wound Care Technology, Uncompromising Quality Standards, and a Patient-Centric Approach to Optimal Healing and Recovery.

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Creating Innovative Products for Wound Care

We are dedicated to creating innovative products for wound care, designed to revolutionize the healing process. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies and patient-centric solutions, we aim to provide effective, convenient, and comfortable options for optimal wound care management. Step into the future of wound care with our groundbreaking products.


A safe, rapid, and sharp debridement solution. Designed for multiple wound environments, it offers ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and hassle-free disposal.

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Empower Your Team With Innovation

Enhance clinician capabilities and reduce patient pain. Discover our advanced solutions for maximizing healing outcomes. Empower your team with innovative tools and techniques.


Those Who Make MDM Wound Ventures Possible

Originally founded as a veteran owned business, MDM Wound Ventures, Inc. develops and manufactures innovative products for clinicians that care for patients suffering with chronic and acute wounds.
MDM is rapidly offering its product solutions globally and is currently headquartered in San Antonio, near the medical center and Brooke Army Medical Center.

George Atallah

Chairman of the Board

Jamie Hong

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Francis Derk

DPM, DABPM, CAPT,USN Chief Technology Officer

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